How do I care for my SoGoodToWear?
When you treat your SoGoodToWear with care, you’ll enjoy it for years to come. Wool has self-cleaning characteristics, if you leave it hanging on a coat hanger after use, it will freshen up by itself. If you do insist on washing your clothing item, then we advise you to do it by hand, with only a small amount of detergent (preferably one specifically for wool products) and without fabric softener. Don’t wring the fabric, and dry it while lying down, for instance on top of a towel. We also advise to store your clothing lying down rather than on a coat hanger, this is to prevent any stretching.

What to do if my clothing starts ‘pilling’?
Pills can occur when you wear or wash your clothing. The woolier, thicker, or hairier the item is, the bigger the risk for ‘pilling’. Pilling has nothing to do with the quality of the item, it’s quite the reverse, the softer and finer the wool, the more risk there is for pilling. But pills don’t diminish the thickness or quality of the item. Surplus pieces of wool are finding their way out of the item, and as such over-time pilling will diminish and stop. If you desire so, you could use a pill remover or a fabric comb to remove them.

What do you mean when you say ‘fair trade’?
All products made by SoGoodToWear are made in a workshop in Nepal. The workshop maintains fair labor conditions and it goes without saying that there is no child labor. The employees get a strong wage, training, growth opportunities, and fair terms of employment. Besides this we invest in the rebuilding of Nepal, which has been heavily affected by earthquakes.

What do you mean when you say ‘animal-friendly’?
The wool and cashmere come from small scale sheep and goat farms. The animals are well treated, and the shaving and combing is done with the utmost care and respect for the animals.

Are the prices including or excluding taxes?
The prices mentioned are in euro’s, including 21% Dutch sales tax. Next to this you will need to pay shipping costs.

How is my personal information handled? / Do you share my information with 3rd parties?
All personal information is handled with care and won’t be sold or shared with 3rd parties. To register with SoGoodToWear we need to know your name, e-mail address, gender, and phone number. To process your online orders, we need your billing and shipping address, and payment information. This information will only be shared with our billing partners to verify them.

I’ve tried placing an order, but something went wrong. What should I do?
Please contact us by sending an email to

Is the billing process secure?
All information you give us is secured through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts your information before its sent to us. This ensures that your information is secured against unauthorized use.

Returns and exchanges.
If there is something wrong with your purchase, then of course we are more than willing to make it right. Send an email with a description (and a picture if applicable) of the problem to

I received the wrong product, what should I do?
If you received the wrong article, we ask you to send an email to so we can rectify the mistake.

Can I trade an item for a different size?
Exchanging an item for a different size is possible, granted that the article is in stock. We will send you a new article, you do have to pay the shipping costs. If you want to trade your item please send an email to